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About FMC

The body is our most important possession. It is the only way we have of interacting with the world and if you want to maintain quality in your life then it is vital that we all take good care of it.

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.” - Herophilus

Learning how to move properly, exercise, and eat well were likely missing from your formal school education. Instead you were sent out into the world to fend for yourself. Misinformation, Shady Sales tactics, programs designed to keep you dependent - You shouldn't have to deal with these sharks.

It’s for this reason I create Fitness Made Clear. To provide the physical education and guidance that would normally only be available by paying a skilled professional.

The Fitness Made Clear way is to analyze with an open mind all sides of a topic, boil it down to its fundamental truths and then present it to you in a clear, concise and actionable manner.

Stephen Griffith C.S.C.S .
Founder of Fitness Made Clear


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1 on 1 Coaching & Education Programs

Learn the skills and  knowledge needed to live a healthy lifestyle with one of our trained wellness coaches.  

One on One Training  & Programming

Nutritional Coaching

Lifestyle Modification

Gain an education in Fitness for results that last

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Work Shops and Seminars

Have one of our coaches come and present on a topic of your choosing.

Great for corporate wellness programs, and community activities. Our coaches do seminars and workshops at your place of business.


Online Coaching

Nothing is more effective and yields faster results than  working with a professional. But trainers aren't cheap, at least not the good ones.

Learn how to finally get the guidance you need at a price you can afford with our new online coaching platform.

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