Alexis O. - Body Comp, Education, and Knee Pain

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I went into my training sessions pretty confident that I knew most of what there was to know about pursuing a fit and healthy lifestyle. After all, I did cardio 5 days per week and would throw around weights in cross-fit-esque classes on the days I didn't feel like running. Because I was doing *so* much exercise, I would eat whatever and whenever I wanted.

Needless to say, this regimen didn't exactly yield the results I was hoping. Instead, it led to regular injuries and a decent, but not exceptional physique.

So imagine my surprise when, after only ten sessions with Stephen, my body changed more than it had during five years of unsystematic cardio.

While I originally scoffed at his relentless emphasis on form, bodyweight exercises, and protein consumption, I became a full convert when I stopped feeling joint pain after runs and found my clothes fitting a bit baggier than usual.

Stephen's approach is patient, realistic, comprehensive, and non-condescending. He is EXTREMELY empathetic to the lifestyle factors and emotional forces that drive outcomes and strives to craft holistic plans in response. For example, he recommended books on happiness and websites on anatomy in addition to suggestions of egg whites and plank position.

All told, Stephen's approach helped me fundamentally rethink many of my misconceptions about health and fitness. And wouldn't you know, I've maintained my results several months later.

Stephen Griffith