Andrew R. - Strength, Health, and Back Pain

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My name is Andrew Robertson and I am 51yrs old. I'm an attorney at Seward & Kissel and I have worked with Stephen Griffith for approximately 16 months. 

When I started I was out-of-shape and had just turned 50 with a stubborn fat roll around my belly.  I was not very flexible and could not even do one full pull-up.  All of this made me feel old and I thought a trainer could help keep me focused.

I have learned that it is important to bring consistency to the gym and that the key to consistency is to stay injury free. Stephen helped me incorporated healthy exercise into my routine in a way I have not been able to do for years.

If I had not taken action, I wouldn't feel and look as healthy as I do now.  I also would not be as good at dealing with my very stressful job as I am now.

My wife says I am transformed.  I have lost 20 pounds and typically do at least 24 pull-ups each training session.

Stephen is the "thinking person's" trainer.  He will help you to think about how to consistently focus on your health while protecting against injury and make sure you have fun doing it. 

Stephen Griffith