Teresa L. - Health and Weight Loss

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My name is Teresa Luk. I am 61 years old and works as a Computer Specialist for New York City Department of Transportation. After working with Stephen for five months, I have lost over 35 pounds!

When I started I was overweight and suffered from high blood pressure, high blood sugar, fibromyalgia, mild depression. I needed to lose weight and get into better shape as I prepared for my third and final act of life. 

I wasn't sure when I started but I decided to give it a try. I learned fitness and eating right is a lifetime commitment and that it takes time to undo years of damage and unhealthy habits.

I learn to adjust and push on and things got easier. I am physically stronger and I am happy changing those “used to” things into “can do” things.

What I've learned has continued to help me after my training. I do the same strength training exercises that I have learned twice a week and have joined a small fitness group (1-2 times/week). I still have a problem with chocolate and good pastries but I have learned how to manage/counteract my bad habits on eating. 

If I hadn't taken action I know my condition would have deteriorated. I would have felt stressed and depressed. 

If you are thinking about getting a trainer, I would recommend Stephen.  He is skilled, thoughtful, and a pleasure to work with and talk to.  He knows how and when to encourage and when to push but never too much.  He is very passionate about fitness and that helped motivate me. Whatever your goals are, Stephen will definitely assist you in getting there.

Stephen Griffith