Rich Y. - Strength , Muscle and Fat Loss


Hi, my name is Richard Yates, I’m forty-nine-years-old and work as a building superintendent with Charles H Greenthal Management in the Murray Hill section of Manhattan.

I began training with Stephen in mid-November 2017 three times a week.

I was at a point where I was constantly struggling to keep my weight down (5’10” 200lb) and had shelved my 34-inch waist jeans and pants and resigned to purchase 36’s. When the 36’s started feeling a little tight is when I knew action had to be taken. It was killing my self-esteem and made me feel and look unhealthy and lazy.  

 I called Stephen. I explained what I wanted to achieve and Stephen recommended three one hour sessions a week. We got to work.

I’ve worked with Personal Trainers in the past briefly and the first thing that struck me with Stephen was the amount of knowledge he had and was willing to share. He set me straight on eating well (He’ll make you send him pictures of your meals! ) Like many people I thought I ate reasonably well but was surprised to learn I was basically clueless. Fifteen pounds was soon gone and I felt great and began looking damn good too!

 I had a particularly enjoyable trip to Macy’s and looked longingly at a stack of 34/30 Calvin Klein pants. I Thought I might be getting ahead of myself a little but decided to try them on anyway - fit like a glove!   Four weeks later I returned to buy another pair but the 34”’s no longer fit. I Had to get the 33”’s instead (Yes, CK make odd sizes) and that felt great!

  What I like most about Stephens approach is it's an education. I love the sustainability of it. I’ve learned to prepare easy healthy meals in an enjoyable way. I can even order healthy foods in a restaurant without feeling as though I’m depriving myself. Knowledge begets better and more sustainable results than willpower.

  I was so impressed with the results we achieved that I signed up for another 25 sessions and look forward to continue training and learning.

  Stephen found a gym that was in my neighborhood and handled everything. All I had to do was show up and for the first time, I am absolutely confident I can do this by myself when I choose to. Stephen has taught me that a lot of state of the art gym equipment isn't really necessary to get yourself physically fit and looking great.  I highly recommend him should you want a trainer who is totally committed to his art and takes as much pleasure in your results as you will.


Stephen Griffith