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Are you ready to finally lose those 20 pounds for good?

Ready to look and feel healthy?

Are you done wasting money on products, programs and diets that never yield long term results?



If yes then you've come to the right place.

I Started Fitness Made Clear to help share my knowledge.  I want to help people make real changes in their health.

While I hope  my articles have been helpful to you,  I have to admit there isn’t  a good substitute  for a highly qualified fitness trainer.  


Trainers and coaches are like a GPS. You pick a destination and we help provide you with the most efficient route. When you make a wrong turn, face a detour or encounter an unforeseen obstacle, we use our knowledge to adjust the route and keep you moving forward. There's no getting lost and no wasting time.

Nothing is more effective and yields faster results than  working with a professional.  But trainers aren't cheap, at least not the good ones.

That's why I started Fitness Made Clear - to  help those who couldn’t afford the steep prices of in person training get the guidance they were looking for.

Now I can finally offer that guidance at an affordable price with our new online coaching platform.


A good coach can easily cost upwards of 100 dollars an hour.  If you do the math working with a trainer 2-3 times a week can cost 800-1200 dollars a month. I say it's worth the price for the difference it can make, but for most people this isn’t affordable.  Fitness Made Clear can now offer you that same value for only a 150 dollars per month.   


The monthly package includes individualized workout programs,movement assessments, meal planning,  food tracking and  exercise coaching.

Pretty much everything you would expect to receive from a personal trainer except the in person interaction.

This means you get to avoid the high cost, the scheduling conflicts, and train on your own time in a manner that's suited for your lifestyle.

We make it easy for you

Everything you need to be successful is located within our app and online platform:  Workouts, coaching material, food logs, food tracking etc.

How does it work?

After an initial assessment of your goals, movement, and situational needs we create a comprehensive program. Our programs focus on movement, nutrition, education and communication.


We make a comprehensive plan to address your needs and help get you achieve your goals. By assessing your goals, movement, nutrition, situation, obstacles, and needs, then


No need to worry about coming to the gym and not knowing what to do ever again.  You will receive a workout program tailored to your fitness and movement level. Each time you come to workout you will know exactly what you will have to do.


No more coming to the gym and doing the same workout over and over without seeing results. As you track your results, we will progress your workouts. Our programs are designed to have the right amount of difficulty for your fitness level;   not to hard where you may hurt yourself, and not so easy that you end never see results.


No more wasting time.

We simplify your program down to what you need so you can get back to the rest of your life. Your workouts will be designed to give you the best results in the shortest amount of time. No marathon workouts because of extra and unnecessary exercises.



  • Access Workouts

  • Videos With Written Exercise Descriptions

  • Submit Videos for Technique review within the app

  • Progress Charts

  • Seamless Data Entry to Track Your Workouts

  • Full Access To All of Your Workouts

  • Video Assessments

  • Coaching Videos and Material



Say goodbye to  your excess weight once and for all. No more yo-yo dieting where you lose weight only to gain it all back and then some.  A diet that yields long term results is one that can be followed everyday of the year. Our program aims to teach you how to get back to whole natural foods and take the guess work out of eating healthy.

Fat loss shouldn't mean being hungry and cranky. We develop a diet  individualized to your schedule , bodily needs, and food preferences. Your diet should nourish you - not leave you hangry.  Instead it should keep you satisfied, energized, and make you feel great.

Overcome those nutritional obstacles. Our coaching program aims to identify obstacles interfering with your goals.  We want to help you implement systems  which  overcome  those obstacles. This is where we stop telling you what you should do and help you actually do it.



  • Food Diary

  • Adherence Charts

  • Habit Tracking

  • Progress Photos

  • Body Composition Tracking

  • Meals Plans

  • Education Materials



Become Independent

Our goal here is to empower you to be self sufficient when it comes to taking care of your health. We aim to provide you with the education of not just what to do, but also the how and why unlike other products that aim to keep you dependent.

Get answers to your Questions

Ask any questions you like about exercise, nutrition or related subjects and receive answers from a qualified professional who has your well-being, not your wallet, in mind.  

Coaching Videos and Resources

You will receive exclusive access to our coaching videos. You’ll have access to the same kind of explanations and coaching that goes on within our one on one sessions. Resources cover the what, why, and how behind living a healthy life. LEarn what muscle soreness is and why it doesn’t mean you had a good workout, How to properly perform a deadlift, why crunches don’t shrink your belly but squats do, and much more.



  • Coaching Videos

  • Meal Prep Resources

  • Recipes

  • Meal Plans

  • Articles

  • Email Service


Make adjustments when you need them. Life isn't predictable. The benefit to having a coach is they can tailor a workout to your needs. Going on vacation? Bruised your elbow? Feeling bored? Just reach out to your trainer with any comments, concerns or questions and will help sort it out.


Currently our program is full. If your interested in getting started you can sign up on the wait list below and we will inform you when new spots open up again. 

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