One On One Coaching Programs

The Problem

What happens during a typical personal training program?

You come in and workout with your trainer, you sweat and by the end of the 8-12 weeks your stronger a fitter. However, what happens when you stop training? The something that happens when you stop dieting - you lose your results.

Once your done feeling like a failure you come back and pay for more training or a new diet plan and try it again.

The problem here is that these programs are designed to fail. There designed to keep you dependent on the service so you keep coming back and spending your money.

If your sick frustrated and tired of being exploited and are ready to see results then we have the answer

The Fitness Made Clear Solution

Our business is built on taking those who have never worked out, or never experienced lasting results and empowering them to take control of their health and transform their bodies.

Instead of telling you what to do, we teach you what to do.

We start with a holistic approach to your health. Wellness is a lifestyle and for that lifestyle to yield results it must account for movement, nutrition, sleep, and stress management

Our teaching system is based on 3 questions - The What , The Why and, The How.

We teach you What you need to do to achieve your goal - we use an array of assessments to find out where you are and custom tailor a program to your needs. 

We teach you the why we're doing what your doing - Knowing why allows you to think for yourself, make decisions on your own, and not be fooled by the misinformation and shady sales tactics used in the industry. 

Lastly we teach you how to go from knowing to doing- We focus on teaching you the skills and habits such as how to exercise, cook, shop, eat right, and overcome the obstacles that may be holding you back. 

Claim your fitness independence with one of our 1 on 1 coaching programs


The Education Programs

These programs are designed for beginners who wan't to learn how to take care of themselves. You'll go through our curriculum which includes both a skill component where yo will be working with a coach on exercise techniques and a knowledge component where you will be learning the whys behind it.

Classes 10 or 20 


Classes are 1 hour in length and will cover a combination of skill and knowledge based instruction.

During skill based instruction you will learn to feel comfortable and confident in the gym. You will learn the fundamental movements that form the foundation of all the exercises you'll see n the gym.

Your program will be custom fit for your skills, goals, and needs. During the program you will gain strength, weight, and move better while you prepare to go off on your own.

During knowledge based instruction you will learn the why behind what we do. Learn how to organize workouts and avoid common exercise mistakes so you create safe and effective workouts when on your own. 

Classes will also address Nutrition, sleep and stress management habits. Because your health is more than just the result of what happens in the gym. 

Coaches will have the ability to tailor class time as they feel to best serve your needs. 

Grocery Shopping Trip


Most training programs are constrained to the gym and fail to teach the skills needed to for proper nutrition.

During a grocery trip lesson you will be accompanied by a coach to go grocery shopping. During this time you will learn how to navigate the store, read nutrtion labels, and learn which foods are good and which to avoid.



Diets are great till it's time to eat out. Here  you will have a lunch with your coach and go over the keys to eating healthy while eating out.

The lunch serves as a great time to get the answers to your many nutrition questions.


Home Visit 


To be successful your environment needs to be conducive to your goals. For the home visit our coaches will help you go over how to make your home more health friendly. Learn how to make your home more conducive to movement, sleeping, and eating.


Continuing Education and Training


Often trainees will decide they want to continue training because they enjoy seeing results or because they would like to continue learning more advanced skills.

Continued Training is great for

  • Learning Advanced Skills - kettllebells, barbells, gymnastics/calisthenic skills , boxing, ect.

  • Breaking through plateaus

  • You enjoy the 1 on 1 instruction and results.

We have a number of flexible packages to fit your budget.


FMC one on one coaching limited to NYC area

1E 28th Street - 2B   Independent Training Spot

230 E 53rd Street 2nd Floor Independent Training Spot

Home Gym   

Apartment - If you chose to workout at home (some equipment will be provided)


Other locations may be added for an additional fee to cover overhead

Locations may also be added if there is sufficient regional demand

How to Sign up or Learn More

The process of getting started is easy.

Our education program has two options

  • Standard - Goal Setting Consultation,  20 Classes, 1 Grocery shopping trip, 1 Lunch , and 1 Home Visit

    • This program is best for those who are beginners and want enough time to properly learn the movements and lessons needed to live a healthy lifestyle

    • Standard Price is 2400

  • Short - Goal Setting Consultation,  10 Classes, 1 Grocery shopping trip, 1 Lunch , and 1 Home Visit

    • This program is a condensed version of our curriculum best for those whose budget is limited but still want to learn how to achieve their goals.

    • Short Program Price 1500

Continued training programs

  • This program is for those who want to continue their training, see addiitional results and learn new skills.

    • We have an array of packages you can purchase 10-20-30 and 40 sessions.

    • Prices range from 80-120 dollars per session

Prices are affected by a number of factors such as time of day and location and you may be eligible for a discount.

To get started simply fill out the form at the end of the page and we will reach out to shortly to answer your questions and schedule a consultation session.

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Quality fitness and health information should be available for everyone who wants to live a healthier life - regardless of financial situation.

If you are interested in the program but fear you can't afford it I encourage you to submit the scholarship form below. If you are selected you will be eligible to receive a reduced price.

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