Why You Should Hire A Trainer And How to Get Your Money's Worth

Author - Stephen Griffith C.S.C.S. 


When there’s a leak, most people have no issue calling a plumber to fix it.  You're willing to pay the plumber a 100 dollars an hour because you know it’s important that you get the leak resolved. So why don’t we give our bodies that same care?

When asked, “What is the most important thing in life?” Health is always one of the top responses. Rightfully so, as without good health, all other aspects of our life will suffer.

I firmly believe that hiring a trainer is the best way to achieve any health or fitness goals you may have. I want to use this article to summarize how training works, what are the benefits and provide suggestions on how to make the most of the training if you’re strapped for cash.


Trainers and coaches are like a GPS. You pick a destination and we help provide you with the most efficient route. When you make a wrong turn, face a detour or encounter an unforeseen obstacle, we use our knowledge to adjust the route and keep you moving forward. No need to get lost and waste your time.  


There are many books, training programs, and advice to find out there. These forms of directions are analogous to you being given a map or a set of directions.  The problem with maps and directions are that they are generic and not individualized to your needs.  The information for these resources may be outdated, flawed, and unable to adjust when obstacles arise.

 There is no substitute for a knowledgeable trainer or coach. Below are some of the benefits you will find if you start training with one.


Humans desire the path of least resistance. We know we should eat well and exercise but these actions have to be made into habits for you to see results. Habits take time and consistency to form which can be hard to do if you have no one to keep you accountable. A trainer will keep you accountable by taking measurements, setting goals, and confronting you when you're going off track.  


On the path to goals, you will inevitably hit high and low points. During high points the wind is in your sail, progress comes quick and you feel unstoppable. During the low points, setbacks are numerous, motivation dwindles, and you’ll wonder if it’s worth the effort. Having someone who's been through the same hard patches there to encourage you is crucial. A trainer can remind you of all the work you have done, the progress you have made, and refocus you on what you need to do to reach your goal and assure you that this moment is only temporary. The can share stories of their own struggles and assure you that what you feel now is just a rough patch. Your trainer will help you get the most out of every session.


Many factors influence your success in a program such as how your body responds to different exercise stimuli, body proportions, exercise and health history, personal preferences, and goals. A trainer can take into account each of these factors and a number more to individualize a program to best fit your needs. You are a unique special little snowflake and generic cookie cutter programs can't take your needs into consideration.


There is an overwhelming number of exercises to choose from. Having a trainer will help eliminate the stress of learning and planning everything yourself. They will provide you with a variety of exercises appropriate for your skill level and needs. A trainer will help keep your mind and muscles stimulated.


Trainers have years of experience and knowledge. A session with a quality trainer is more than just a workout, it's an educational experience. It's a one on one workshop on how to move, how to eat, and how your body works.  Many movements within fitness are skills which require guidance and feedback to learn. The lessons and skills you learn from working with trainers is knowledge that you will have for the duration of your life.  

Faster Results

You want results and you want them fast. With a good trainer, you can expect to achieve results sooner than if you were to workout on your own. Education, accountability, encouragement, personalization, variety, all combine to help bring you to your goals quicker. A trainer will get the most out of you every workout. Before you know it you will be planning your next goal. Your time and energy is your most valuable resource, don’t waste it.  


My Recommendations

As a trainer, I have seen firsthand the change that can be made with dedicated one-on-one coaching. My recommendation is that everyone should work with a trainer in their lifetime, however I acknowledge training long term is not realistic for many people.  

That's the whole reason I started Fitness Made Clear - to help provide the benefits of working with a trainer to those who may not have the means of affording one. While we offer a number of free resources it still cant replace the value a qualified coach can provide Depending on your budget here are my recommendations for getting the most for your money. 


How to make the most of the training if you're short on cash

If you're short on cash, then you should emphasize the educational component

If you're a novice in this situation

  1. Your focus should be on learning- a workout last an hour, but the information you learn can last a lifetime - it's this belief that is the focus of our 1 on 1 coaching program. 

  2. Get assessed and find out your individual needs - such as muscle imbalances or if you have any movement restrictions.

  3. Focus on learning the fundamental movement patterns

    1. Deadlift

    2. Squat

    3. Rows

    4. Single leg Work

    5. Overhead presses

    6. Pull up or pull down

    7. Corrective Exercise

  4. Focus on developing independence and comfort in the gym 

    1. Overcoming Gym Intimidation

I recommend investing in a minimum of 10 session. Learning movements takes practice and feedback to ingrain a movement pattern with correct form. In our 1 on 1 program we will break up the session for training twice a week for 3 weeks - to focus on learning the skills , followed by once a week for 4 weeks - to give an opportunity to practice the workouts and exercises on their own. 

You're not a novice

  1. If your movement patterns are good and you have no limitations , you will receive the most value by getting an evaluation, a program, and meeting periodically to check in and make alterations.

  2. The other alternative is to use sessions with a trainer to work on advanced movements such as Heavy deadlifts or squats, advanced bodyweight exercises, kettlebell exercises such as the swing, clean, and snatch, or Olympic lifting.

If having a trainer and learning the skills and habits needed to live a healthy lifestyle is of interest to you then check out our 1 on 1 coaching programs. Our programs are designed to teach you what you need to do to be fit, why it's important, and finally how to go from knowing to what to do to doing what you need to. 

1 on 1 Coaching  

Stephen Griffith