One On One Coaching Programs

Do you want to transform your body and regain control of your health?

There is no faster, safer and effective way to transform your body than working one on one with a qualified coach.

If your new to exercising, intimidated by the process, and your looking for results that you can maintain for a lifetime then there are no better coaches than ours.

In each of our coaches you will find someone who is empathetic, passionate, and committed to helping you transform your life.

Our coaches are teachers first. They will meet you where you are and create a customized program to get you to your goals. Along the way you will not just get a good workout but you will learn the skills you need to maintain those results for the rest of your life.


Lose the 15 pounds(or more) you always wanted to and keep it off

  • Teresa lost 43 pounds and lowered her cholesterol 76 points. She has continued to maintain her results 2 years later - here’s what she says has been most helpful

Reduce pain by learning to move better, strengthening muscles, and removing dysfunction

  • Being able to simply walk down the street and not feel frustrated and stressed because my back is constantly hurting has been an indescribable relief. I've been able to be more active than I have been in the past which has just made me feel so much happier. - Ryan

Feel comfortable and confident going to the gym on your own

I’m managing to get two workouts in per week and I feel strong and confident in what I am doing. - Susan

Build muscle and look better by learning how to exercise

When I started I was out-of-shape and had just turned 50 with a stubborn fat roll around my belly.  I was not very flexible and could not even do one full pull-up. Now my wife says I am transformed.  I have lost 20 pounds and can do 10 pull ups in a row. - Andrew

Love the person you see in the mirror

Like many people I thought I ate reasonably well but was surprised to learn I was basically clueless. Fifteen pounds was soon gone and I felt great and began looking damn good too! - Rich

Where to start?

The best place is to schedule a 20 minute consultation call we're we’ll be able to answer any questions you have.

Fitness Made Clear Foundations Program

Our Foundations Program is our most popular and requested training program.

Why? because you get not just kick butt workouts but you will learn the foundation skills you need to maintain your results long into the future.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who is a beginner or has never exercised before

  • Anyone who is intimidated by the idea of a gym

  • Anyone who is unsure of their ability to correctly perform gym exercises.

  • Anyone who is tired of yo-yo dieting.

  • Anyone who is ready to put in the work to change their life and their body

How does it work?

Our foundations program is 12 weeks long consisting of 24 in person lessons and several at home video lessons and assignments.

Our goal is that by the end of the program you will be able to go to the gym and feel comfortable and confident in your ability to exercise safely, correctly, and effectively.

Outside of the gym you feel confident in your ability to find and prepare healthy food, understand common marketing scams, and eat in a way that supports your goals.

All while getting stronger and leaner in the process.

Things you’ll learn while you transform your body

  • Learn how to your pain and risk of injury by eliminating dysfunctional movements and learning proper form.

  • Learn how to read nutrient labels and evaluate health claims. I.e. Never get scammed again.

  • Learn how to cook, eat and incorporate healthy meals into your diet.

  • Learn how to navigate tricky social situations such as how to get your family, friends, and spouse on board with your new lifestyle.

  • Learn how diets work and how to create a diet specifically for you and your goals.

  • Learn how to recognize health and marketing scams

  • Learn how to listen to the signals of your body and how to best respond to your bodies needs. For example learn the difference between hunger and appetite.

  • Learn how much you should be eating.

  • Learn how to implement systems to solve new problems as they arise in your ever changing life.

  • How to exercise safely

  • Learn how to safely and effectively progress your workout plan

  • Learn what to do when the equipment you need is being used.

    And so much more…

What our Program Includes

Student Centered Curriculum

FireShot Capture 044 - 1 on 1 Coaching curriculum - Google Docs -

Our foundations program is built on years of experience successfully teaching clients how to transform there lives and their bodies.

But we know that people come in at different levels, learn at different speeds, and have different goals.

Which is why we’ve built our program to be flexible to your needs.

If you already know how to cook then that’s great! Instead of spending time on that we will work on the other obstacles preventing you from achieving your goals.

In Person Coaching


Classes are 1 hour in length and will cover a combination of skill and knowledge based instruction.

Each class be prepared to work. You will be exercising, learning new movements, and mastering the skills you need to be able to go to the gym on your own.

Classes will also be a time to go over assignments and prepare the next part of your training and education.

Video Lessons And Exercises

download (1).png

We use a hybrid approach of in-person and video lessons to help teach you the skills you need to maintain your results long after you graduate.

Your coach will send you short video lessons and or exercises for you to do at home designed to teach you skills and knowledge relevant to your goals.

You’ll then discuss any questions with your coach during your next session.

The beauty of this system is that it allows us to provide you with a complete program - one that addresses the aspects of your health that apply outside of the gym while allowing us more time to focus on your workout inside the gym.

Accountability and Access to Coach


The greatest asset of all - access to your coach.

Throughout the program you will be in communication with your coach.

They will reach out to you to check in, give reminders, send assignments, or give you that little kick in the butt when you need it.

And you, in turn will be able to reach out to them when you have question, concerns, or just want to share a funny cat video.

Our staff and your coach are committed to your success.

Nutrition Coaching and Feedback

FireShot Capture 045 - YouAte for Coaches -

When it comes to health, longevity, and body transformations what you eat is more important than what you do in the gym.

Yea, I said it. Which is why we take your nutrition seriously.

All clients in our program will keep a food log which their coach will look over and provide feedback on.

This interactive and responsive approach is the best way to ensure both long term and short term dietary success.

Grocery Store Visit


Before you can prepare a meal you need to get the ingredients. Most of the time this journey begins in your local supermarket.

However, the goal of your supermarket and the industries that stock its shelves is not to help you eat healthy, it’s to make money.

In this lesson you’re coach will guide you through the supermarket, highlighting the best practices for shopping, the many deceptive ways marketers look to fool you, how to read nutrition labels as well as answer many of the questions you’ll have when we begin to pull back the veil.


people-2606147_1280 (1).jpg

Diets are great until it’s time to go out for a meal. At which point you need to have the skills you need for navigating menus, restaurants, and social situations.

In this lesson your coach will be taking you out to lunch where you will have an opportunity to practice these skills and ask questions without the pressure of having to get a workout in.

Home Visit 


Your environment plays an enormous role in the decisions you make each day. Unfortunately, for many of us our homes are set up in a way that promotes unhealthy decisions.

Our home visit is an optional service where our coaches will help you go over how to make your home more health and goal friendly.

You’ll learn how to set your home up in a way that it becomes more conducive to eating well, sleeping well, moving well, and living well.

Access to Video and Resource Library

FireShot Capture 043 - Exercise Videos - Google Drive -

We are committed to your long term success.

This is why after you graduate you will still have access to our database of video lessons, manuals, and exercise demonstrations.

Workout Partner Program


When you complete our foundations program you can enroll in our Workout Partner Program.

The goal of our program is to promote your continued success by connecting you with other graduates who have similar goals, ability, and schedules as yourself.

Why? Because a workout partner can help keep you accountable, consistent, and push you to work harder in your workouts. Not to mention it’s just more fun to have a buddy.


Continuing Education and Training


While our foundation program is for beginners our continuing education and traing program is built for those who have a base in exercise.

Many of our clients after graduating from the foundations program will choose to continue their training because they enjoy seeing results or because they would like to continue learning more advanced skills.

Often trainees will decide they want to continue training

Continued Training is great for anyone with a basic foundation of training who would like to

  • Learn Advanced Skills - kettllebells, barbells, gymnastics/calisthenic skills , boxing, ect.

  • Break through plateaus

  • Reach a specific strength or atheistic goal

  • Would like to continue to master the skills introduced in the foundations program

  • Or enjoys the superior results that 1 on 1 instruction provides.

We have a number of flexible packages to fit your budget.


FMC one on one coaching is based in NYC.

Our coaches operate out of a private training studio at the following locations.

1E 28th Street - 2B   Independent Training Spot

230 E 53rd Street 2nd Floor Independent Training Spot

If you have a home gym, or a gym in your building it is possible for us to send a coach to you.

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